COVD-19 - Out of concern for everyone’s safety and health and well-being, the DKC Board of Directors as a precautionary measure has canceled all group activities including classes and trials.

Daytime/Evening Show Handling Classes

Show Handling Classes are held most Thursday. Always check the schedule (to the right) to be sure we have class.  We take holiday breaks, have no class when there are conflicts with DKC shows and other activities. 
These are “drop in” class.  Fee $7 per person.  We usually divide into two rings, beginners who need more individual attention in one ring and more experienced handlers in the other, or big dogs in one ring and small dogs in the other.
We start promptly at 12noon or 7 PM and work for an hour,   Before class, sign in, put your $7 in the envelope and get ready for class with show lead on and bait ready!

You MUST bring shot record the first class each dog attends and show the instructor.  Puppies MUST have rabies vaccination. 
This is not a puppy socialization class, nor a place for dogs with aggression issues.  Handling class is not the place to bring puppies or dogs that are not in reasonable control, not leash-trained to walk without constantly pulling, lunging or jumping.  Dogs should be able to take direction from their owners, allow touching and examination by an instructor or “judge.”  We’re willing to work with you, but safety for instructors, other students and dogs comes first.  If your dog has any aggression issues to other dogs or people, this is not the class to work on those issues.  You’ll be asked to leave class if your dog exhibits aggression to dogs or people (per DKC class guidelines).
If your female is in HEAT you may come to class, but she must wear britches. She is a huge distraction to highly interested males who may target her and challenge other males. Ideally every handler will have 100% control of his dog and keep it on a short lead, but not everyone’s at that stage.
No class if bad weather (torrential rains/hurricane/ice/snow) or Durham Co. schools are closed.  Call instructors before noon on Thursday if you’re wondering if we’ll have class that night.  Don’t email because we won’t get it in time.  Email or call for all other questions. 

Junior Handling / Exhibitor Class

Participants under the age of 18 or new to dog showing in general are invited to attend. Classes will be focused on basics of dog showing, ring procedure, junior showmanship rules and procedures, and understanding of breed presentation.
The class is from 6:15pm-7pm on any Thursday night that regular conformation class (7pm-8pm) is also offered.
The class fee is $7 and will cover both this class and regular class should the participant wish to stay.
Please bring shot records for your dog and show them to the instructor at your first class.
Bring your dog, a show lead (if you do not have one, there are some leads available for use), bait/treats, and have fun learning the mechanics of the show ring! 

Daytime Instructors


Judy Harris


Evening Instructors


Thomas Wrath (919)943-1627(H)
Linda Wozniak (919)942-5818(H)
Shelley Miller (919)525-5001(C)
Kate Bremser (919)471-0737(H)

Conformation Calendar