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9:00:00AMJohn Wolff paid= $5Rebecca Watford paid= $5
9:10:00AMRoberta Pylate paid= noSkip Wolff paid= $5
9:20:00AMJohn Wolff paid= $5Carol Collins paid= no
9:30:00AMChristina Rowe paid= noSkip Wolff paid= $5
9:40:00AMRebecca Watford paid= $5Roberta Pylate paid= no
9:50:00AMCarol Collins paid= noSkip Wolff paid= $5
10:00:00AMStephanie Lowe paid= $5Pam Silverman paid= $5
10:10:00AMStephanie Lowe paid= $5Heidi Buck paid= no
10:20:00AMPenny Leigh paid= $5Claudia Williams paid= $5
10:30:00AMXXXXXXXX paid= noXXXXXXX paid= no
10:40:00AMSusan Jackson paid= $5Stephanie Lowe paid= $5
10:50:00AMSusan Jackson paid= $5Claudia Williams paid= $5
11:00:00AMBetty McAllister paid= $5Susan Jackson paid= $5
11:10:00AMPenny Leigh paid= $5Diana Rutherford paid= no
11:20:00AMPam Silverman paid= noStephanie Lowe paid= $5
11:30:00AMHeidi Buck paid= noCathy Wells paid= no
11:40:00AMBetty McAllister paid= $5Carol Collins paid= no
11:50:00AMLiza williams paid= noFlorence Archer paid= no
12:10:00PMEllen Beasley paid= noLiza williams paid= no
12:20:00PMAmanda Stipe paid= noKathy Small paid= no
12:30:00PMEllen Beasley paid= noDiane Divine paid= no
12:40:00PMFlorence Archer paid= noIngela grahn paid= no
12:50:00PMAmanda Stipe paid= noSusan Jackson paid= $5
1:00:00PMDiane Divine paid= noAnne Fitzgibbon paid= no
1:10:00PMKathy Small paid= noCarol Collins paid= $5
1:20:00PMreservedIngela paid= no
1:30:00PMreservedKathy Small paid= no
1:40:00PMCarol Collins paid= noLisa Roberts paid= no
1:50:00PMKathy Small paid= nobarb Grubb paid= no
2:00:00PMJulie Berke paid= $5Tom Savarese paid= $5
2:10:00PMLinda Hupman paid= noBarb Grubb paid= no
2:20:00PMLinda Hupman paid= noreserved
2:30:00PMAnnette Haithcox paid= $5reserved
2:40:00PMJulie Berke paid= $5Tom Savarese paid= $5
2:50:00PMKeith Clapp paid= noreserved