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Welcome to the Durham Kennel Club Obedience web page




The obedience web page is split into two sections.
The left side of the page contains the navigation. Clicking on one of these links will present the web page for that navigation subject on the right side of the page.

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The right side contains the subject matter material.

Q & A

Question: Are your obedience classes open to everyone?
Answer: Yes, our classes are open to everyone.

Question: When are your classes offered?
Answer: Our class sessions are offered four times a year. The winter session which starts in January, the spring session which starts in March, the summer session which starts in June and our fall session which starts September. The class sessions are usually posted three to four weeks before the start of a session. You may subscribe to receive email notification when the class session is available for registration.

Question: How long are your classes?
Answer: Our basic classes are six weeks long. We also offer specialized classes which are either three weeks or four weeks.

Question: How do I register for class?
Answer: We offer an online registration. You may pay by credit card online or by check.

Question: Which type of classes are offered?
Answer: We offer two paths of classes.

  • Competition path of classes for those who plan on competing in performance events.
  • Family companion path of classes for those wishing a well-behaved family dog.

See classes offered per session and a description of class and prerequisites