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Looking for a Pure-bred Puppy or Older Dog?

Durham Kennel Club (DKC) supports the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) efforts to help people find the pure-bred puppy or adult dog that will become an integral part of their family. The first step to begins even before you bring home a dog. After all, you're committing to care for a living, breathing being that has feelings and who will depend on you for all his needs for his entire life!

Start Your Search with AKC

The National Breed Clubs are the best source of information about each breed. Select this link to reach National Breed Clubs' websites.Most of them have breeder referral lists, and sometimes litter listings.

Please note: DKC is an AKC-affiliated club, so we use AKC resources. DKC does not maintain AKC's websites,so if you encounter problems with AKC’s web resources, please let us know. We will report the problems to AKC.

Have you considered an older purebred dog?

Most national breed clubs support breed rescue.  Rescue dogs are fostered in homes by breeders and other experienced volunteers where they’re given veterinary care, evaluated, and then carefully placed. You may find a wonderful addition to your family this way.  AKC Rescue Network ;puts you in contact with national breed clubs's rescue groups.


Another option – a retired show dog

Breeders cannot keep every dog, so they’ll sometimes place retired show dogs (who are still quite young) in great homes.  Talk to breeders on the national breed club referral list about this option.  You could find a wonderful dog.

Here are some questions to consider that will help you decide what kind of dog is right for you:

  • What kind of dog is right for me?
    • Small, medium-sized or large?
    • Active and energetic, or more calm and composed?
    • Requires little grooming or more? Are shedding or allergies an issue for me or other family members to consider?
  • What are the activities that I would like my new dog to participate in with me?
  • Will he be a good fit with my family and lifestyle?
  • Do I have the time and patience needed to housebreak a puppy?
  • Can I provide the exercise that the dog will need?
  • Do I have the budget needed for routine vet care (for example: immunizations, products to prevent or control fleas, ticks and heartworm infection) or for more serious health problems?
  • Should I get a puppy or an adult or older puppy?

To help you find a reputable breeder, AKC also offers Eight Signs of a Responsible Breeder, and links to the websites of each of the AKC breeds. These breed websites offer helpful information about:

  • The breed’s purpose and character
  • Personality
  • Size and physical attributes
  • Needs for:
    • Grooming
    • Exercise
    • Diet and nutritional needs
  • Potential health problems (including any health testing that breeders should consider doing prior to breeding a litter)

Some breed clubs also offer links to people who are very knowledgeable about their breed or who actively breed.

DKC can also place you in touch with local DKC members who are knowledgeable about their breeds and willing to talk with you and answer your questions.  DKC offers this information as a service but does not endorse or recommend any specific breeds or breeder.

Most importantly, DKC encourages people who inquire about puppies or adult dogs to come to DKC for classes and participate in DKC’s obedience, rally, agility, Fast CAT, scent work, freestyle and conformation events. DKC will help you socialize and train your new puppy or adult dog. You and your new puppy or adult dog will enjoy participating in DKC’s classes and events!