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Cainine Freestyle

Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance of a dog and handler team with music, to illustrate the training and joyful relationship of the dog and handler team. The objective is to present the dog to his or her best advantage in a creative and artistic manner. A Freestyle presentation is always accompanied by music selected to suit the natural rhythms of the dog. Freestyle should demonstrate, with appropriate music, the grace, beauty and intelligence of the dog working in harmony with the handler. A Freestyle presentation should clearly show the dog’s athleticism, attentiveness, flexibility and training. All handler movements should complement and enhance the dog's movements. Teamwork is essential. Canine freestyle combines technical skill and creativity.  Focus must always be on this particular unique DOG, who is being skillfully showcased to his or her best advantage by the handler. If you are not familiar with CanineFreestyle DogWork, and the Canine Freestyle Federation, go to 

Durham Kennel Club offers a two hour drop-in Freestyle Class at the DKC Building one Saturday a month, beginning at 2 pm. The cost is $15 for each class.  The DKC classes will be aimed toward newcomers who have not shown in Freestyle before.  However, experienced handlers do participate and there will be time after class for practicing and run-throughs.  If you are interested in attending, contact Dee Wallis, , Shari Bryant,, or Trish Koontz, for more information. We welcome newcomers and visitors!

You MUST bring shot record the first class each dog attends and show the instructor.  Puppies MUST have rabies vaccination. 


The DKC Freestyle Classes are planned for the following dates in 2019:  1/12, 2/16, 3/16, 4/27.  Please put these dates on your calendar now, so you can be a regular participant and get as much as possible out of the classes.  Send an e-mail to if you are interested in being on the list to receive notices and reminders.



  Dogs must be a minimum of 10 months of age and must have, at minimum, completed two puppy obedience classes and/or have a Canine Good Citizen title.  Note that basic heeling is a necessary skill to begin. The class can accommodate both novices and dogs with advanced titles. Dogs who are limited physically in minor ways can find great joy in doing Freestyle; any age dog can do it (we have amazing veteran presentations at titling events) but the dog must be completely sound at a dynamic trot. The class is not suitable for highly reactive dogs as there is a lot of work off leash.


Freestyle Class
Session Winter 2019
Dates 1/4, 1/18, 2/8/2019
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Register For Class
Cost $45 per student , DKC member meeting service requirements $30