Membership Application

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    I / we have been a member candidate of the Durham Kennel Club for the required six months,
and I / we would like to be considered for full Membership.

Membership Type Applying for:   FM - Full Membership Single   FF - Full Membership Family   JM - Junior Membership
Applicant Name 1: Applicant Name 2:
Street: City: State: Zip:
Phome: Email:
DKC meetings attended (dates):
Services to DKC given(type and dates) 
Breeds owned:

Two Sponsors Are Required for Regular Membership
(They must be Regular or Life Members of DKC)

Sponsor 1: Sponsor 2:

Upon receipt of this application, you will be presented to the DKC Board at its next regular meeting.
Upon approval by the Board, you will then be presented to the Membership at its next regular meeting and a written vote will be taken. 
The decision of the Membership is final.

DKC offical use only:
Presented to Board: ______________________________

Voted into Membership: ___________________