Canadate Membership Application

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  I/We hereby apply for Candidate Membership status in the Durham Kennel Club and agree, upon acceptance, to abide by the by-laws, regulations, and rules of the Durham Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

First Applicant:   
Second Applicant : ( if candidate family application)

Candidate Member under 18 years of age ?  


Street:   City:   State:   Zip:

First Applicant Phone:

First Applicant Email: 

Second Applicant Phone: Second Applicant Email:

Breed(s)of Dogs owned: 

Do you maintain a kennel?    Professional   Personal   # of Runs:

Kennel Name: 

Activities you  participate in with your dog (check all that apply)

  Conformation   Obedience   Agility   Earthdog   Herding  Coursing
Terrier Trials Pet Therapy Freestyle Tracking Scent Work

other activities:

Titles achieved by your dogs :

Other Dog Club Memberships held:

Have you ever been denied membership in a dog-related club? 

(If yes, please attach explanation)

Have you ever been disciplined, reprimanded or suspended by a dog related club?

(If yes, please attach explanation)

Are you, or have you ever been an AKC approved judge?  Professional Handler? 

How did you learn about the Durham Kennel Club?

What are your reasons for seeking membership?

How do you wish to receive official DKC correspondence ?

Receive correspondence via email.

Receive correspondence via US mail.

Note:Additional $30 fee for mail processing will be added to your membership fee if you choose to receive correspondance via US mail.

Membership Levels and Fees

  • Candidate Member (CM) -----$30
  • Candidate Family (CF) --------$40
  • Junior (under age 18) (JM) ---$10

Jan – May, deduct 50%)

for use by DKC



Volunteer Opportunities

Please check areas where you might be interested in volunteering during the coming year. Also list any special skills, training or experience you might have. This will allow committee chairs to know who to contact when help is needed. Thank you.
Fall show/obedience trial (September) many helpers needed Clinic/workshop/seminar planning
Spring show/obedience trial (March) many helpers needed Cheer (to respond to illness and losses within DKC)
Fall agility trial (September)

Outside building projects (painting, building repairs, brush clearing, trimming, land cleanup, etc.)

Spring agility trial (April) Inside building projects (painting, repairs, etc.)
Obedience trial (December, July) Social committee (setup/cleanup for club meetings)
Obedience show & go’s (setup, judging, stewarding) Public education programs
CGC tests  

Tracking tests (test secretary, tracklaying, coordinating lunch)


Obedience classes (instructors, assistants, organization)

Rally classes (instructors, assistants, organization) Building rental
Agility classes (instructors, assistants, organization) Awards committee
Show handling (instructors, assistants, organization) Yard sale (setup/cleanup, staffing)
Finance committee   Special skills, training, or experience: