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I ,by submitting this registration application to DKC, in consideration of the enrollment for conformation training being given by the Durham Kennel Club, do hereby agree that I release and waive any right that I may have in law to recover medical payments, property damages or bodily injury damages for any liability regardless of cost, provided that liability is due to ordinary negligence (This release does not contemplate wanton, willful or malicious conduct) as a result of any injury that I may sustain from any other dog or my own dog, dogs or property belonging to me, within the limits of the Durham Kennel Club headquarters or training area. I further agree that I hereby release and waive any right that I may have a law, to hold the Durham Kennel Club and/or the owner of the premises, liable for any injury which may occur to me or my dog, dogs or other property provided this injury or damage is due to ordinary circumstances of negligence. I further agree that I am assuming the risk of participating in conformation training where there are other dogs whose temperament is unknown to me, that I waive all right that I may have to institute any suit or other proceeding to cover therefore.

I have read this form and am fully aware that this contract constitutes a waiver and release of any and all liability as a result of any injury to me, to my dog, dogs or property. I hereby certify that I am over 21 years of age, am sober and of sound and understanding mind.

I accept this contract