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Thomas Wrath

Looking for a purebred puppy?

DKC’s breeder referral links you with DKC club members who actively breed.  Others on our list, who no longer actively breed, are quite knowledgeable about their breed, are willing to answer your many questions and can refer you to breeders. When looking for a purebred puppy, please take the time to learn all you can about the breed, including health issues/health clearance tests, temperament, grooming and exercise requirements.  That way you’ll know if it’s the right breed for you. The internet makes it easy to find information, but it also makes it easy for puppy mills to mass market puppies to unsuspecting buyers.  If you want to buy a healthy, well-bred puppy from a responsible breeder, then do your research, take time to find a good breeder and expect to wait for the right puppy.  For some breeds, you may have to travel a little. 

Start your search at AKC   

Select your breed and it directly links you to the National Breed Club.  Every breed has one.  National breed club websites are the best source of information for each breed.  Most of them have breeder referral lists, and sometimes litter listings. 

Have you considered an older purebred dog?

Most national breed clubs support breed rescue.  Rescue dogs are fostered in homes by breeders and other experienced volunteers where they’re given Vet care, evaluated, and then carefully placed. You may find a wonderful addition to your family this way.  Rescue information is found on each national breed club website.

AKC Rescue Network puts you in contact with national breed clubs rescue groups

Another option – a retired show dog.

Breeders cannot keep every dog, so they’ll sometimes place retired show dogs (who are still quite young) in great homes.  Talk to breeders on the national breed club referral list about this option.  You could find a wonderful dog.